exglos contract

next price doubling in:









or after capitalization reaches the target:








Contract address - 0x3dDee7CdF8D71490b518b1E6e6f2198433636903.

This contract is the single canonical entry point to the project. It holds the current url.

Contract has an administrator. The contract administrator concentrates the will of all holders into meaningful acts. The current administrator is exglos.eth, an externally-owned account that maintains the contract through a soft dao. It may be replaced in the future with a multisig address or a dao contract. Check the account statement of the contract administrator.

Contract is a erc20 token with 18 decimals and the symbol 'EXG'. The token represents shares of the company exglos. This is a mintable token with zero initial supply. It is created only when purchased with ether and cannot be destroyed. The minting price is set by the contract administrator. Start price is 0.002 eth/exg, current price is 0.004 eth/exg, target price is 1 eth/exg. It is planned to double the price after buybacks annually. All money goes to the contract administrator and is used for development. The income is distributed proportionally among all token holders as dividends. Dividends are accumulated on the contract address and they are not transferred when transferring tokens. Dividends can be withdrawn as ether or reinvested back into tokens. Holders are the true owners of the funds, only address owner can manage their tokens and dividends. The balance of the contract is the sum of all undistributed dividends.

For owners of more than 0.000000001 exg there is a referral program - 1.5% of the purchase, immediately, in ether. Referral requirement and percentage can be changed by the contract administrator.

Smart contract has been audited.